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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just another Sunday

The day started out simple enough. A lazy day in the midst of life's maelstrom called Sunday. Well, not totally lazy. Lisa had a demo at a local merchant in Gloucester from 11-1. Other than that, there wasn't much going to happen. And that was fine with me as it was cold and blustery here in middle earth.
When Lisa left for her demo, I started thumbing through my emails dating back a week, and I came across one that peaked my interest. Photographer, Karin Rosenthal, was having an open house. Hmmmm... Karin awarded one of my pieces in a show at the South Shore Art Association last year. The least I can do is attend her open house, check out her fine work, and eat her out of house and home. I did all three in true professional fashion. I do like her work, though, so it was a treat to roam about the house contemplating a true artist. I also had the opportunity to speak with her about appearing on LensArt: the Fine Art of Photography; more about that in a future post.
Before Karin's, we stopped at a home in Belmont to pick up a generous Victorian donation given us by a friend and an admirer. When I say generous, I mean generous. Two large boxes full of select victorian finery, and a smaller box containing a really old ladies hat. Lisa and I are planning on opening the boxes on an episode of All Things Victorian that I hope to film this coming weekend. We'll all be surprised at the same time.
When we finally got home a little after 4pm, we noticed that our neighbor - Sandy Bay Historical Society - was having a little party. Yeeeeeaaaaaah.... another open house!!! As I always save a little extra room for just such a surprise occasion like this, we decided to pop in. Just being neighborly, after all. Anyway, it, too, was a treat. The history of Sandy Bay before my eyes, not to mention another table full of treats. We got there a little late, but still had enough time to time travel a bit. I'll not be so sluggish in my return.
All in all it was a pretty good day. Good night all.

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