It has become rather cumbersome to maintain a dozen or more sites around this internet highway. Between FB, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and an assortment of equally significant or lesser sites, the burden of maintaining the ever present redundancy, as we courageously engineer our American dream, has become too much. I think we have more important things to do, don't you think? We think so. That's not to say that we don't value our time together with you, we certainly do. We're just changing the venue.

We'll keep the personal FB pages, I suspect, but all the rest will disappear over time. Slowly, this page and a few other business related pages will be the focus of our attention. You will notice the other pages of note just below this post section.

Anyway, welcome, and please do visit as often as you can. Plenty will be happening in the coming days, months and years.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sea & Snow

Suffice it to say there was no resting around here earlier this week. It was a sight to behold, but behold you must while still in a vigorous stride. I have a couple of more that I'm working on and will post shortly. And now I'm told that more is coming.

Updates from the Passion Projects

Please pardon the delay. Things are swinging around here. Anyway...

1. Newburyport Farmers Market has invited us to come up and discuss joining their merry band of merchants at their summer farmers market. We should do reasonably well as it's a tourist stop, and That Nutty Redhead does well at tourist stops. We'll shoot up there tomorrow.

2. Tuck's Candies of Rockport just ordered three cases of our That Nutty Redhead for their new store in Lynnfield, Ma. Hopefully things will start to ramp up for the coming year with other vendors.

3. Had the fitting yesterday in Boston for another movie filming on the 11th. I'll be an extra, and always a fun and interesting time is had.

4. My piece was, once again, accepted to the Artrageous!29 auction held by Montserrat College of Art in Beverly! It was a lovely time last year, and my piece did sell.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Join us at Twitter -

Verses By Candlelight

Might be doing this tomorrow as this blizzard passes. So far it's just a whole lot of wind.

Photo captured in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Queens, New York.

All Things Victorian - 004 - Victorian Superstitions

Got Juno? Perfect time to learn something about Victorian Superstitions. Have any of your own?

All Things Victorian - 005 - Granite in Victorian America

Got Juno? Perfect time to learn something about Granite in Victorian America. Those monuments didn't get there by themselves. 

All Things Victorian - 006 - Edwardian Fashions

Got Juno? Perfect time to brush up on Edwardian Fashions. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

All Things Victorian this week

You know about episodes 3 & 4, they are as complete as they are going to get at this point, and have been uploaded to YouTube. Episode 5 of local interest - Granite in Victorian America - should be complete by end of day tomorrow.
The Edwardian shows - 6 & 7 - show be done by end of week, I hope; at least 6.
Future planned shows are as follows:
Another Steampunk episode, this time dealing with the fashions and the ties to the Victorians.
How about a show dedicated to Victorian Flirtation?
And I'm piecing together a Mourning show.
All three will be green screened for added effect.

It's going to get interesting now :)

Bye,Bye, B.B.

Bye, Bye, B.B. - Here are 3, works in progress, variations of the same stone. Lately, I've been playing with B&W on my pieces. In the past I've avoided B&W like the plaque, but now I've come to appreciate the additional emotion whether ghoulish, suspenseful or mournful, that is emphasized by the reduction of all color. I don't wish to get in the habit of it, but I'll continue to be more open minded about change :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

All Things Victorian - 003 - Victorian Accessories

The revised version of All Things Victorian - 003 - Victorian Accessories. I wish that I didn't have to rebuild it, but I'm glad I did. Do hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

At Rest

I finally got had a halfway decent sleep last night. Between All Things Victorian, That Nutty Redhead, book deadlines, new work, money & more, the last week or more has been spent in unwelcome restlessness.
This piece captured in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Ma.

Jim Morrison's Grave in Paris

A piece from Douglas Keister. Be sure to pick up his latest cemetery release, "Stories in Stone: Paris".

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Week Ahead at the Passion Projects

Tomorrow, I should be able to complete the editing work on All Things Victorian - 004 - Victorian Superstitions. It's very exciting to watch the new additional graphics on display. We do have new Superstition shows in the works. With this show complete, I'll, one, start on the rebuilding of 005 - Granite in Victorian America (of local interest with national impact), and, upload the first 4 shows to Mass Access for the rest of the Commonwealth. Cape Ann TV will e-blast all the other community access stations in the Commonwealth once ATV is available. That reminds me, I do have to replace the first four shows on Cape Ann TV's website with the new versions. I'll keep you all updated as this adventure unfolds.

New stores are already signing up for That Nutty Redhead product, with the new packaging. It will be the week that we actually order the new packaging. Here's a sample - 

It will come in two 8oz. & two 2oz. packaging. We'll fly with the New England Praline w/ Sea Salt & Breakfast in New England to start. The 'GF' stands for Gluten Free!
FYI, for all those that pledged to our Kickstarter campaign, we're going to wait for the new packaging to arrive before sending out your rewards. You guys should be the first to receive our new prize. Thanks again for all your support.

I do need to return back to the job of completing my Civil War Letters book - With Pen in Hand - for Schiffer Publishing. I hope to have it done by the summer months.

Cross vs. Tree

I took this photo in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York, sometimes I wonder if this cross is still using this tree as a rest stop. I remember the tree was leaning a bit, but rooted strong enough to withstand the continued force. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Working with Superstitions

Tomorrow I start rebuilding show #4 of All Things Victorian. One of our favorites - Victorian Superstitions. This version is going to smoke! One of these days I'll rerecord it in High-Def., but it's still fun?

Road Trip

This piece was a capture during a recent visit with my daughter living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I do not miss living in Brooklyn, but this scene did evoke a sense of familiarity, of home, in me as I was setting up the shot. After all, I am a New Yorker. But, then was then and now is now, and I'm perfectly happy in the now.

2015 and Beyond

(Broken Chain - Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts)

There is much to do in this new year. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and an assortment of useless diversions are gone, and I believe I'm the better for it. Old friends will stay in my heart, if not in life, but new friends await. My sights are set on the many horizons before me. 
For one, I need to get back to my work and books in waiting. I have such a back catalogue of pieces to attend to. But it's not just the return to photography and writing, it's the return to a former mental functionality that allowed me the joy of creating. Basically, I have to reignite my creative 'mojo'. My attention has met with many diversions over the past few years. For the most part good ones, but diversions nonetheless. Something inside is tugging at me, and it's time to go back when.
Our television show, All Things Victorian, has taken quite a turn in 2014, and I'll not drop the ball on this project. It's an award winner! And who would have guessed it would have extracted a First Place in such a competitive field, in it's first year! ATV has my, and our, ardent attention in 2015.
And for the Lady, and her business, my undivided, undying, Love and Dedication. One Nutty Redhead I've waited for all my life; the other Nutty Redhead, a welcomed appointment. To do is too heal, and heal we must together and forever.
Onward and Upward I always like to say. Have a Great and Happy New Year everyone.