It has become rather cumbersome to maintain a dozen or more sites around this internet highway. Between FB, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and an assortment of equally significant or lesser sites, the burden of maintaining the ever present redundancy, as we courageously engineer our American dream, has become too much. I think we have more important things to do, don't you think? We think so. That's not to say that we don't value our time together with you, we certainly do. We're just changing the venue.

We'll keep the personal FB pages, I suspect, but all the rest will disappear over time. Slowly, this page and a few other business related pages will be the focus of our attention. You will notice the other pages of note just below this post section.

Anyway, welcome, and please do visit as often as you can. Plenty will be happening in the coming days, months and years.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bye,Bye, B.B.

Bye, Bye, B.B. - Here are 3, works in progress, variations of the same stone. Lately, I've been playing with B&W on my pieces. In the past I've avoided B&W like the plaque, but now I've come to appreciate the additional emotion whether ghoulish, suspenseful or mournful, that is emphasized by the reduction of all color. I don't wish to get in the habit of it, but I'll continue to be more open minded about change :)

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