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We'll keep the personal FB pages, I suspect, but all the rest will disappear over time. Slowly, this page and a few other business related pages will be the focus of our attention. You will notice the other pages of note just below this post section.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

SOLD! Artrageous29!

When we first got to Montserrat College for the Art's - Artrageous29! - event, I was dismayed to find that there weren't any bids yet on my piece, That Final Moment. After all, the auction had been going for, at least, a half hour! Panic was setting in. Drowning my sorrows in, no...not booze, some Chinese delicacies, roasted vegetables of all kinds, cheeses, and flatbread pizza, we wandered around as I worked through my misery.
Lisa had surgery on Monday, so we did not stay for very long. But before leaving, she wanted to take my photo in front of work. "OK, if you insist." As we approached, I started to notice some scribbling on the sheet just next to my work. Yeah!
Now to work on next years piece. 

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